Schulman Award Winners

The Bud Schulman Award is given to one orthodontist who is selected by the Schulman Group. This award is given by Springstone Financial and includes a beautiful bronze relief of Bud Schulman with the winner's name engraved on the plaque. A contribution of $5000 is given to the charity of choice as designated by the winner. In this way, Bud Schulman's legacy of sharing continues to positively impact others. The Schulman Group remains very grateful to Springstone Financial for honoring Bud Schulman in this humanitarian way.

Special thanks to Springstone Patient Financing for sponsoring the annual Bud Schulman Award donation and plaque.

photo of john coker(L-R) Dr. Ron Redmond, Martin "Bud" Schulman, Dr. John Coker

2008 – Dr. John Coker

Dr. John Coker receives the Bud Schulman Award in Washington, DC, surrounded by family and friends including Bud Schulman.

“For me to be awarded the Schulman Award for 2008 was truly a great honor. Bud Schulman was an inspiration for us in our lives and our practice. He challenged us to be the very best in our profession, to give back to our communities and to take care of our families. I accepted that challenge and have tried to meet Bud's expectations. Our entire family has benefited from the opportunity to be a member of the Schulman Group.”

“The charity which I chose to receive the check is the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region. This fund can help many people in all walks of life in the Fredericksburg area. Our community foundation administers funds as endowments for various charitable, scientific or educational purposes and organizations in the Rappahannock region.”

—John Coker

photo of dick-albright(L-R) Dr. Richard Albright III, Martin "Bud" Schulman, Dr. Dick Albright, Dr. Kristen Albright-Thiry

2006 – Dr. Dick Albright

Dr. Dick Albright receives the Bud Schulman Award with son Dr. Richard Albright, III, and daughter, Dr. Kristen Albright-Thiry.

Charity supported: Lancaster Abused Women & Children’s Shelter

“As we walk through life we have many roads that we can take. I was very fortunate that I had mentors which directed me along the path of dentistry and ultimately orthodontics. As I began my career in orthodontics, I was introduced to a variety of individuals who helped me develop my practice and my life goals. I took the Bud Schulman path very early in my career which has lead me to develop a philosophy of life, philosophy of my practice, and philosophy of financial investment which have been the cornerstone of my success. With Bud Schulman as my mentor and the Schulman Group who has been exceptional in their sharing and their enthusiasm for the orthodontic profession for patient care and financial success, I have enjoyed a very satisfying professional life. To be chosen as a recipient of the Bud Schulman Award by my peers in the Schulman Group has been a highlight of my career.”

—Dick Albright

photo of steve hannonDr. Steve Hannon is behind Martin "Bud" Schulman (seated)

2005 – Dr. Steve Hannon

“To follow the distinguished prior recipients of the Bud Schulman Award is an honor. There isn't a day that I don't go into my office, see Bud's plaque and think about the great man he was and the lessons of sharing he taught.”

“My Schulman Award was far reaching as it went to help our Sister City in Santiago de Surco, Peru. The Schulman Award could not have come at a better time because it helped fund our Rotarian soup kitchen project in Peru.”

“I treasure this award made in Bud’s name and know it means so much to the Peruvians who are able to have a nutritious meal with their families at the soup kitchen. This award honors Bud’s legacy of sharing and giving in abundance and I think Bud would be proud to know his name is kindly revered not only in the states, but throughout the world.”

—Steve Hannon

photo of jeremy orchin(L-R) Bud Schulman with Dr. Jerry Orchin

2004 – Dr. Jeremy Orchin

“One of my greatest honors as an orthodontist was being awarded the coveted Martin "Bud" Schulman award in 2004... I consider myself the most fortunate orthodontist in my relationship with Bud.”

“I contributed my award to The American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. Since its inception, the AAOF has been close to my heart. They were formed to support academic research at graduate orthodontic programs throughout the country. As a dedicated teacher during my professional career, I know the importance of funding research to keep our profession on the leading edge. The Foundation has a need for continuous funding for future research projects. Contributing a case from our practices as well as cash donations is what keeps the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation a viable charity. I encourage every orthodontist to support it. I know Bud Schulman strongly endorsed the Foundation.”

—Jerry Orchin

photo of bob-fry(L-R) Dr. Bob Fry, Bud Schulman, Mary Fry

2003 – Dr. Bob Fry

“Bud taught us the legacy of giving. I am delighted to continue this legacy in his name.”

“Receiving the Schulman Award was one of the highlights of my professional life. To be honored by 'givers' (Bud and the Schulman Group) as a 'giver' was and is very humbling. As Bud taught us, 'we all are the blessed of the blessed.' I certainly feel blessed having been allowed to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

“We chose to donate the $4,000 to Central Elementary Grade School. Central is an 'at-risk' school in a very underprivileged part of Olathe, Kansas. Fry Orthodontics has adopted this school as a 'business partner.' Everyone at Fry Orthodontics contributes to the improvement of this school.”

—Bob Fry

photo of margaret and ron redmondMargaret and Ron Redmond

2002 – Dr. Ron Redmond

“I am honored to have received the Bud Schulman Award and to carry on Bud's mission that we create success through sharing and elevating our profession to the highest that it can be.”

“I have spent almost 40 years supporting the YMCA, and I did on this occasion as well. The YMCA is internationally known for the three pillars of its foundation: Mind, Body, and Spirit. I believe in those tenets, but as important to me as a community supporter are the two other characteristics earned by the YMCA over the past 100 years: family and trust. Many national groups support segments of our population, but the YMCA is famous for supporting the entire family. In today’s environment, trust is an elusive concept, but the YMCA has survived the pitfalls that have tripped-up many of our societal groups. Professionals have the capacity to contribute time, talent, and treasure, and I have chosen to provide my 3T’s to the YMCA.”

—Ron Redmond

photo of henry zaytoun(L-R) Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun, Dr. Henry Zaytoun, Jr., Dr. Henry Zaytoun, Sr.

2001 – Dr. Henry Zaytoun

Dr. Mary Paula Zaytoun, Dr. Henry Zaytoun, Jr. & Dr. Henry Zaytoun, Sr., first recipient of the first Bud Schulman Award

“Being a child of parents who immigrated to the United States in their teenage years, married, and became U.S. citizens, the plight of immigrants has been a concern of my wife, Martha, and mine for many years. We recognized early on that those who come to these shores seeking a better life more fully achieved their dreams if they learned more about this nation and how they may participate. Unfortunately, in so many instances, these people were often left to their own devices. Not having learned English, they, and their family, were hampered in their integration into the business world and in society. Therefore with the funds received from the Bud Schulman Award, Martha and I established a foundation for administering to the immigrants. This foundation began small and has enjoyed modest growth. Hopefully, it will gain in size over the next years and will be of increasing value to the community. Even though this is a country of immigrants, the complexity of life is greater now than ever before, making it even more important that we double our efforts to improve the quality of life of those immigrants that are here and to increase their ability to become good citizens and make meaningful contributions to society.”

—Henry Zaytoun, Sr.

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