“The Schulman Group has become a very important part of my life. I was inspired by Bud’s vision and his passion for helping the Schulman Group members become the very best they could be.”

–John K. McGill

photo of john mcgillJohn K. McGill,
Principal McGill & Hill Group

John K. McGill, CPA, MBA, JD

Principal, The McGill & Hill Group

Financial Specialists for the Dental Profession

I first met Bud Schulman in 1986 when I was negotiating the purchase of his newsletter, as part of his transition out of consulting. As Bud continued to write for the newsletter, our relationship grew, and he informed me about the Super Schulman Study Group. I was inspired by Bud’s vision and his passion for helping the Schulman Group members become the very best they could be.

Bud first invited me to speak to the group in 1987 and I have continued to speak each year thereafter. The Schulman Group has become a very important part of my life. I have been very impressed by the members, and their willingness to help each other achieve “success through sharing.” I have referred many clients to the Schulman Group over the years and have enjoyed close, personal friendships with many of the members. It has been especially satisfying for me to see the Group grow both in numbers and programs it offers. Most importantly, the Schulman Group has continued on successfully with Ron’s guidance, even though most of the original members have transitioned and a new generation of doctors has taken over.

I was honored when the Schulman Group established a scholarship fund in my name at Erskine College, my alma mater. Each year, I have donated my speaking fee to the scholarship fund, and the Schulman Group has generously matched that donation. With the fund balance exceeding $200,000, Erskine is now able to award 5 annual scholarships from this fund. It is very gratifying to share our success with others to help them fulfill their dreams.

John K. McGill

“John McGill has earned the highest respect of the Schulman Members over the years with his advice.”

– Ron Redmond
CEO, Schulman Group

In the earlier years, Bud Schulman was our only mentor, but after several years he invited a young attorney, John McGill, CPA, MBA, JD, to lecture and assist in mentoring the Schulman Group. In the late 80s and early 90s, the Schulman Study Group had grown to 120 practices, including solo practitioners and group practices. John McGill has helped educate the Group in the areas of practice marketing, personal finance and budgeting, tax planning, and retirement plans. John McGill has earned the highest respect of the Schulman Members over the years with his advice.

Many of us in the Schulman Group know John McGill as our trusted advisor and friend who has dedicated himself to the well-being of the Schulman Group for many years.

–Ron Redmond

In addition to advising the Schulman Group, John is a tax attorney and partner in the law firm of McGill and Hassan, PA. He is a partner in the McGill & Hill Group, Financial Specialists for the Dental Profession. John graduated with honors from Erskine College with a BS in Business and Economics and concentration in Accounting and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In connection with his MBA degree, John published a marketing case study and was selected as a contributing editor of the textbook Contemporary Marketing, 4th edition. He holds a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he was awarded the Touche Ross, CPA’s Tax Law Scholarship. John formerly worked with the Office of Chief Counsel, the legal branch of the Internal Revenue Service, in Washington, DC, and is a member of the American Bar Association and the North Carolina Bar Association.

As a contributing editor of Dental Economics Magazine, John also is co-editor of the Tax Question and Answer column for the same publication, and co-author of "Employing Family Members in Your Business: A Tax Bonanza!" He is also Chief Editor of The McGill Advisory newsletter.

The Schulman Group is honored to have the counsel, friendship, and dedication of John McGill.

photo of janet blairJanet Blair, McGill Hill Group

Special thanks to Janet Blair of the McGill & Hill Group

The Schulman Group is deeply grateful to Janet Blair, who for years has worked tirelessly and dedicated herself to planning and creating the optimum learning environment. Janet was devoted to Bud Schulman and his mission and has spent countless hours in the service of Schulman Members.

photo of mary vanderbeck

Mary Vanderbeck, Epic International

Special thanks to Mary Vanderbeck of Epic International

Mary Vanderbeck works for Epic International as our meeting coordinator. She plans our week-long annual meetings and annual Treatment Coordinators meetings. Without her attention to detail our meetings would not be what they are. The Schulman Group would like to thank Mary for her tireless efforts and the wonderful conferences she produces.

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